A Christmas Carol, is a novella by Charles Dickens, first published in London by Chapman & Hall in 1843.

Usually I don't really read these kind of books, but I have to say this one was fascinating.

Charles Dickens wrote the book mainly to wake awareness about the poor, and how they live.

Anyway, enough with the details. Let's get into what's the book about.

The book is based on a man named Elbezer Scrooge, a guy who loves money even more then himself!

A few years after Scrooge's best friend's Jacob Marley funeral, the ghost of Marley visted Scrooge, to warn him from three ghosts.

The Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost showed Elbezer Scrooge some things about his past.

Such as - one Christmas party his old boss Fezziwig and the time his girlfriend broke up with him because he starts to love money to much.

The Ghost of Christmas Now, the Ghost showed Elbezer Scrooge some things which are happening at this moment. Such as - his Clerk: Bob Cratchit's house, and what's happening right now inside it.

Bob's wife says some offensive things about Scrooge but Bob defends Scrooge. Scrooge is suprised and sad by what he just witnessed.

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, the scariest one yet! the Ghost shows scrooge how people would feel and act after his death.

Scrooge was really afraid, but finnaly after all the Ghosts. Scrooge finnaly realizes that he has gone to far with his love to Money.

Scrooge decides he needs to make up for what he didn't do. He chose to make up by donating money and visiting his nephew Fred to have a lovely Christmas Dinner with him and his family.